The first natural, ethical,and innovative solution for the development of a natural fatty liver in goose.


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oies migration foie naturellement gras

A very natural discovery

The storage of fat in the liver in goose is a wonder of Mother Nature. It is a response to a vital need of the goose: to eat and store energy for migration, survival, and reproduction.

Our discovery brings a solution mimicking the natural development of foie gras (fatty liver) in goose, while respecting the well-being of the animal.


R&D Center

It is thanks to the expertise of a whole team, within a Research & Development Center, and work done at our experimental farm that we have been able to develop our process.

Aviwell ferme expérimentale en Ariège
Aviwell Centre RetD production foie naturellement gras
Oie elevage sans souffrance animale ferme experimentale ariege Aviwell
Aviwell Saveurs éthiques Ferme expérimentale Courtalet Ariège

Ethical breeding conditions

We take care of the well-being of our goslings and our geese, that’s why we place them in selected breeders, committed and signatories of our code of ethics.

Toast de foie naturellement gras d'oie mi-cuit

A new liver

Today, we are able to achieve a naturally fat goose liver, with remarkable taste qualities.

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