The Aviwell farm is located in a 200 hectare agricultural estate in the Ariège. With an average altitude of about 400 meters, the Courtalet area is in a mountain area in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Nature Park.

The breeding and research facilities occupy an area of ​​832 m², plus 2200 m² of grassland.

Goose colonies in place are small (from 30 to 90 birds) and therefore have a very large and comfortable space.

For production, we select poultry farmers who comply with an ethical charter, drafted by the Aviwell team, demanding conditions that guarantee comfort and animal welfare, and in which we place the goslings for the duration of breeding to avoid stress. Our breeders will be all the more proud of their job and the final product.

Goslings, coming from French hatcheries, arrive at the age of 1 day on their farm. Goslings, coming from French hatcheries, arrive at the age of 1 day on their farm. They are comfortably installed in a well heated bird pen on a thick litter of chips, and the food in small pieces is put at their disposal as well as drinking water.
They are carefully monitored daily, and grow under these conditions for 4 weeks with a ample food and temperature. Bird “toys” are put at their disposal to provide distraction.

We are amazed to see how the goslings grow up fast! During these few weeks the goslings gain from about 100 g to 1 kg

When they are bold enough, they go out on a grassy course during the day and return to their livestock building for the night spent on a litter of straw with water and unlimited food.

When near full growth is achieved by 10 weeks and weighing about 5 kg, geese are fed on milled corn. The rearing period coincides with a decrease in the amount of daylight and a decrease of the temperature which encourages these migratory birds to considerably increase their food intake and store in their liver energy reserves in the form of fat.

This allows us to obtain a voluminous liver naturally enriched with fat.

At the end of the cycle, the geese of our breeding center are transported to the slaughter unit situated only a few kilometers away, which limits the disturbances and stress felt by the animals.


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