R&D Center

Our Aviwell research and development center is currently dedicated to the precise identification of the naturally occurring intestinal flora, capable of facilitating the development of a naturally fatty liver, as during the natural phases of migration.

State-of-the-art, internationally recognized molecular and mathematical analyzes make it possible to precisely identify the composition of the intestinal flora of geese.

Our scientific collaborations with renowned partners allow us to standardize our procedures and develop new knowledge including the identification of several flora conferring to the naturally fatty liver various taste and textural qualities.

The men and women around us for these developments are world-renowned researchers from junior to senior level who have been working on energy metabolism for many years.

The 3 founders

Gerard Campistron Fondateur Aviwell

Gérard Campistron

Remy Burcelin Aviwell

Rémy Burcelin

Genevieve Benard Fondateur Aviwell

Geneviève Bénard